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La chica del lago book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. «La primera vez que nos conocimos, Jewel Valentine me salvó la v.
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Ellas De Montena Edad recomendada: A partir de 12 años. Ficha técnica. Escribe tu opinión. Tu opinión se ha enviado correctamente Recuerda que puede pasar un rato antes de que el equipo de megustaleer modere los comentarios, y aparezca publicada. Escribe el motivo por el cual quieres denunciar este comentario. Tu denuncia se ha enviado correctamente Cerrar. It is a mix that produces writing that sounds incredibly fresh, but at the same time sounds like it comes from a very old and wise soul, therefore lending a timeless quality.

I mean, there are black jokes about dying that only someone with a deft and unflinching hand could pull off and I loved that. If I have any words for Steph Shirley, what are you? Some Mother Hen? This book is recommended to anyone who reads YA and wants something contemporary, emotion-driven and melancholic with a sharp enough edge.

I can see teen girls relating to this immediately.

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I was thinking of one word to described Girl Saves Boy. Turning the book around in my hands and looking at the colour of the purpling sky and the pretty foil-embossed fairy lights on the front, it struck me that the perfect word is this: This review originally appeared on my blog Life on Marrs View 1 comment. Everyone Okay, maybe not sufferers of Leukemia or girls with dead parents?

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


To view it, click here. Forget the fact that the author is a 16 year old Australian home schooler, this book needs no cliché or marketable points, it is worth gushing over and I recommend you pick it up right now! I am even regretting that one star stopping it from being a full mark but it felt right the moment I finished it. Girl Saves Boy is all about Sacha and Jewel, who have both gone through some terrible things in their lives death of family members, leukemia but who manage to form an almighty bond when one saves the other from drowning and still manage to be pretty good people in their everyday lives.

The only slight issue I had with this book, which is tiny and me being super picky is that the romance between Sacha and Jewel seemed to escalate in about a week, I think a more realistic approach would've been to extend the time from first date to total devotion over at least a few weeks or even a month.

La chica del lago (Ellas (montena)): Steph Bowe, ANA; ANDRES LLEO: Libros

I also really wondered how Jewel managed to keep herself away when she found out about the Leukemia, I wouldn't have wanted to throw away a single second together after finding this out. I have to say I was also a little bit worried in the first few chapters as I wasn't connecting well with the book but then an almighty whoosh hits you in the face and you just can't stop reading.

I think I had it read in under 2 days which is a little unusual for me. It is heart-wrenching, captivating and uplifting. The characters are so believable and I actually preferred some of the sub-characters to the main ones, it even had me forming tears and then a few chapters later laughing out loud. I wouldn't let the Leukemia deter you from picking up this book up as it normally would for me because it isn't so horrible to read about that it'll affect your every day life. And the ending, what do I say? Perfect, leaving it up to the readers imagination.

I couldn't have dreamt of a better ending myself. Now, I know I usually say I can't wait for the authors next release but this time I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for tidbits of information on the next Steph Bowe novel.

La chica del lago

View all 6 comments. And it completely succeeded at all of my expections and more, because I loved that it was not exactly what I was expecting out of Steph Bowe, and was more heartfelt than I really thought possible for a YA book. Don't you love their names? Points to Steph Bowe for creativity on that account. It is told through two perspectives, Sacha and Jewel. Jewel is just coming back into town after her grandparents who raised her died and is living with her mom--referred to as Rachel--again. Which she is not overly excited about. Her mom OD'd a couple of times after Jewel's brother died and her dad ran away shortly after that, so Jewel is not the most well-adjusted person in the world.

Sacha has his own problems to worry about, as he is dying of leaukima and his mother starved herself to death just the year before. His dad has also recently came out of the closet and is dating Sacha's art teacher, Mr. The thing I love about this book, is that when I was building up my expectations, I completely thought that Steph Bowe's portrayal of the characters and their obvious issues was going to be way, way over-the-top dramatic. Because, really? All of those problems together is a lot to cover in a page or so novel. And that's a lot for two kids to handle, besides.

But it was not over-the-top at all. I loved that there was time for random fun and quirky dialouge and some philosophizing and space for romance and friendship to develop while all of these problems were going on. Steph Bowe touched on each issue with careful sorrow and depict Sacha and Jewel's reactions, which were all wholly realistic and human, and still managed to get through her themes to the audience.

Life was hard and that was truth, but it did not do to dwell.

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I understand that some readers will have a problem with the fact that this novel took place within a week or two, and that it's not enough time to cover all of the issues. And some things, like how Sacha got used to Mr. Carr and how Jewel came in contact with her dad, were a little rushed but I think that in life things are not always perfectly resolved and the story ended at the absolutely perfect moment, in my opinion. I loved Sacha and Little Al especially in this novel.

Sacha's garden gnome stealing habit he said it was his bizarre version of a coping mechanism: D was hilarious and had me laughing when I was still trying not to cry. Little Al was a science genius which while I am unfortunately not one, I liked to keep up with his take on the universe and Steph Bowe did a great job executing how that reflected on his views of what was going on.

True, I never felt close to. She felt too pretty and too focused on her career goals, and that I understood why she did certain things, sometimes I felt like she was hurting her friends and up until the end, I got the impression that she didn't really care. Jewel, I liked almost as much as Sacha, because I could relate to her. I liked that she was kind of quiet and that she didn't wear make-up and that she was an amazing artist, but she didn't put her art in front of her growing friendships either. She was an extremely unique character that I liked reading about and I was happy that Sacha was her love interest, because their scenes and their evolving relationship was awkward and sad and lovely and everything that first love should be like.

I loved this book: View all 3 comments.

La casa del lago pelicula'completa'en'español'latino

Por no entender, no me entiendo ni a mí mismo. Sacha Thomas tiene una vida complicada: Y es por eso que decide ir al lago y acabar con su vida. Me quedaron cabos sueltos: Aunque uno ya se pueda imaginar. Por supuesto. Ya di mis motivos al principio de la reseña. Este libro me enamoró en cada pagina, cada personaje, cada palabra. Si tengo que describir este libro en tan solo una palabra sería: Me pareció que toda la historia estaba rodeada de una atmósfera melancólica, incluso los momentos mas felices me parecían un tanto Moría por ponerle 5 estrellas pero hubo algunas cosas que me molestaron.

Pero después de todo lo que mas me molestó fue el final. Fue un personaje que me enterneció demasiado.

Reía con sus ocurrencias y sufría con sus desgracias. En conclusión fue un libro dulcemente triste. Perfecto para leer en una mañana tomando un delicioso té. Jan 09, Stuti Turmeric isn't your friend. But the real question is: With it's quirky and off-beat vibe it's an intelligent novel that manages to convey hope among devastation and silliness alongside mourning. The narrative isn't always linear in a sense of plot moving forward with scenes. It's got anecdotes and a running internal narrative of thoughts on life and death and the world in general.

You know how sometimes you're thin 3 - 3.

¡Bienvenidos chessylovers!

You know how sometimes you're thinking one thing which leads to thinking about another and another and so on and then you come back to original thought? Sometimes the narrative swirls along in that style, with quirky asides and observations. The prose is gorgeous and charming. And it felt straight from a teen perspective - in the concerns of the characters and their outlook on life: It reflected the braveness and conviction of teens but lacked hindsight that comes with adulthood - which gave it a true teen vibe.

I do think there was a lot going on in the novel in terms of tragedies and scarred pasts and tormented characters and dead people. It seemed overwhelming that they all had such complicated and devastating back-stories. Although the novel didn't just dwell on this aspect - there were plenty of moments of fun and general silliness. Some sections were reminiscent of Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose - so much so that I would imagine that book may have had an influence on Bowe's writing style? And GHR is a dynamically brilliant book as a teen, my friends and I were inspired to write our school writing assignments in a format similar to Guitar Highway Rose - I love that book hard.

Diverting in my review here to urge anyone who hasn't read it yet to track it down - you can thank me after: Random Thoughts: Throughout the novel I was unsure where it was headed. I like the feeling of things lurking unpredictably up ahead but occasionally I felt like I was floundering a little in terms of following the main story arc. I didnt always understand the characters motivations, but I kept flipping the pages regardless. It felt teenagery with it's many comments on clothing and what everyone looks like and how tall they are, etc.

Kinda cute, that.

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It's really an impressive debut and I haven't tried to be favourable in my review due to Steph's age. She's a bright talent and I imagine teens will find lots to love about this book and it's characters. It will appeal to guys and girls. It has its moments, but also has the inconsistences and leaps that mark it as the work of a young author.